AirTV Player vs Roku

In this article, we will compare AirTV Player vs Roku and their features, pricing and content etc. So let’s start with the introduction of both the devices.


AirTV Player

AirTV Player, like Mi Box, Nvidia Shield TV, and Nexus Player, is an Android-based streaming device. Instead of the standard Android UI, it comes with a pre-installed version of the Sling TV software, which allows you to view live TV channels for $25 per month.

Other streaming services, such as Google Play Music, Netflix, Google Play Movies, Plex, and Google Play applications, are also supported. In addition, with the help of a modified package, AirTV players may watch local broadcast channels.

It has DVR capability and runs on Android OS, allowing it to record and play local channel programming. To record the information, you’ll need to use an external hard disk. You can only watch and record one local channel if you use an AirTV single-tuner adaptor. The dual-tuner adaptor, on the other hand, allows you to view one channel while recording another.


Roku is a streaming gadget that offers a wide range of free streaming options. Roku is made by Roku Inc., a firm based in the United States. Roku is the most user-friendly and cost-effective device available on the market.

Roku transforms your TV into a smart TV by connecting it to it through an HDMI cable. Over the internet, Roku offers hundreds of free and paid channels. These channels can be found in the Roku channel store and are very simple to set up. You can also use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney are all paid services, but Roku allows you to view media for free.

AirTV Player vs Roku

AirTV Player vs Roku

We’ve put together a simple table that compares the features of two streaming devices: AirTV and Roku.

Features AirTV Player Roku
Local Channels Yes No
Record Local Channel Contents Yes No
Stream 4K videos Yes Yes
built-in Chromecast support Yes No
Input for Ethernet Yes Yes
App store Yes Yes
Stream Sling TV contents Yes Yes
One-click remote access to Netflix and Sling Yes Yes
Bluetooth & IR remote Yes No
Remote finder Yes No
multi-device remote Yes No


AirTV Player

The AirTV Player costs $99.99 right now. The AirTV Player is offered as a bundle with the AirTV Adapter for $129.99. Within the Sling TV app, you may watch local broadcast channels with the use of an OTA antenna tuner and adaptor.


The entire cost of buying a Roku will differ depending on the user. That’s because you have to choose a device first, and they’re all different in terms of pricing and features. A Roku device can range in price from $29 to several thousand dollars.

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AirTV Player vs Roku: Which Device is Worth Buying?

Overall, the AirTV player is a standalone streaming device that primarily supports Sling TV. While Roku provides a huge variety of channels available on the Roku channel store. Local channel streaming with an antenna and adapter is a unique function that you won’t find on other streaming devices. If you are a Sling TV fan and want to combine it with a large number of broadcast channels, the AirTV player is the perfect option. If not, go with Roku. Roku devices are inexpensive and the best way to enhance your streaming experience.

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