How to Install Exodus on Roku

Exodus on Roku

With the Roku stick, you can cut your cable subscription in half. The fact that it’s a subscription-based service is a major drawback. Roku cannot be jailbroken, regardless of your best efforts. So, if you want to view new movies for free on Roku, you’ll have to download another app. Here, Kodi comes into play. … Read more

How to change Roku Mobile Screensaver?

How to change Roku Mobile Screensaver

What is Roku Screensaver? Screensaver is a program that fills the screen of a device with an image or some animation when the screen is idle for a long period of time. Roku devices have a lot of customization options which include adding channels from the channel store, screen mirroring from Android or iPhone, streaming … Read more

https// Complete Guide on How to Add and Activate Fox Sports Go on Roku

Activate Fox Sports Go on Roku

Fox Sports is a well-established sports network in the United States, having been founded in 1970. Fox Sports, which debuted in November 1996, is a popular favourite for sports fans. It now offers a mobile app for viewing its content. The Fox Sports app is available on a variety of devices, including Roku, Amazon Firestick, … Read more

How To Watch and Stream Cartoon Network Reboot Roku

Cartoon Network Reboot Roku

Access to your favorite TV shows and full episodes on Cartoon Network. What is Cartoon Network? Cartoon network is one of the most loved cable TV networks especially by kids. Since everything is digital nowadays, Cartoon Network is also now available as an app. So you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and cartoons at … Read more

How to use Skype on Roku?

How To Use Skype on Roku

What is Skype? In today‚Äôs world, the online face-to-face communication trend is growing rapidly. People prefer to meet on the internet using video calling services instead of meeting physically as it is time-consuming and cost-effective. Skype is one of the biggest online video calling services. Skype is being used widely to make video calls both … Read more

What is Vudu? How much does Vudu cost on Roku?

What is Vudu? How much does Vudu cost on Roku?

Vudu is a movie and television streaming service owned by Walmart. Most of the content may be viewed on Vudu for free. In this case, a user does not require a membership to stream content; instead, you must purchase or rent each program or movie separately before you can access it through the service. Thousands … Read more

Roku Temp Check Complete Guide and Steps

Roku Temp Check Complete Guide

Roku Overheating Issues Almost every electronic device has overheating issues. Overheating issues depend upon various factors like how frequently you use the device or the surface on which the device is placed. You may face overheating issues if you use Roku for a long period of time or if you place the device on a … Read more