How to Watch and Stream Emby on Roku?

Watch and Stream Emby on Roku

What is Emby? Emby is a digital media player. You can watch your videos and see your photos using Emby. You can manage and organize your personal videos, photos and music on your device using the Emby media player. Emby provides you with an interface to access your media files on your Roku device by … Read more

Complete Steps To Watch And Stream Roku BBC iPlayer

Roku BBC iPlayer

What is BBC iPlayer? BBC iPlayer is an online streaming website founded by BBC. It has more viewership than Netflix in the UK. In the United Kingdom, you can stream BBC programs and channels online. Using this service you can watch all the BBC programs once they are aired. The service is available on different … Read more

Streaming Showbox to Roku

Streaming Showbox to Roku

What is Showbox? There are hundreds of companies that provide online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and BritBox, etc. You can watch movies, TV shows, and series on these platforms but you have to buy a subscription. Unlike them, there are some companies in the world which provide you with free entertainment. Yes, you can … Read more

How To Connect Roku TV to Wifi Without Remote iPhone?

Connect Roku TV to Wifi Without Remote iPhone

You know that today almost every home appliance can be controlled without remote using your smartphone. You can change your AC temperature or control your washing machine with your smartphone using a specific app. Similarly you can use your Roku TV without a remote by using a smartphone app. Usually, your Roku device automatically connects … Read more