Complete Guide on 9Anime Roku

It’s one of the best sites for finding anime and movies. It has a variety of anime episodes in various resolutions, with the majority being in 1080p. It also offers dubbed anime, allowing you to watch cartoons from various nations while listening to your original language in the background. It’s a mecca for anime fans looking for dubs in English. Anime subtitles are available in a variety of languages thanks to this service. Because of this, it’s quite easy to use.

Is it legal to watch 9Anime?

If you’re looking for a legitimate website, you shouldn’t go to 9Anime because the content isn’t properly licensed and no money goes to the original creators. Distributing material without permission and making money from advertising is against the law in several places. From the standpoint of the audience, there isn’t much of an issue. Streaming from such sites is, however, against the law in some jurisdictions. Use a virtual private network (VPN) to get to your favorite animated TV episodes and series.

Using a VPN for 9Anime is highly recommended.

Vpn refers to a private virtual network. Using a VPN program, you can unblock apps that are blocked in your country by hiding your current location and connecting to a server in a country where the app is allowed. Because 9Anime is an illegal streaming platform, hackers can track your personal information while you’re watching. To stream material anonymously, you’ll need a VPN to mask your IP address. Also, if a channel is blocked in your area, you can bypass the limitation by utilizing a VPN to disguise your location anonymously. Here are a few of the top-rated VPN services:




Features of 9Anime

  • It has a wide selection of top-notch anime series.
  • Registration or subscription is not required.
  • All of your favorite anime series are available to watch and download without any limitations.
  • You can find the schedules of new and future shows in a separate section.
  • There are also anime trials included.
  • A dark option is available for those who like to see the anime website in that setting.

Categories of Anime

  1. Demons
  2. Historical
  3. Horror
  4. Sci-Fi
  5. Shounen
  6. Space
  7. Supernatural
  8. Drama
  9. Mystery
  10. Psychological
  11. Seinen
  12. Adventure
  13. Comedy
  14. Ecchi
  15. Mecha
  16. Action
  17. Military
  18. Josei
  19. Music
  20. Romance
  21. Slice of Life
  22. Fantasy
  23. Kids
  24. Superpower
  25. Samurai
  26. Magic
  27. Harem
  28. School
  29. Police
  30. Shoujo
  31. Martial Arts
  32. Vampire
  33. Sports
  34. Game
  35. Parody
  36. Cars
  37. Thriller
  38. Hentai
  39. Dementia
  40. Shoujo Ai
  41. Shounen Ai
  42. Dub
  43. Yuri
  44. Yaoi

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9Anime on Roku: How to Add?

9Anime on Roku How to Add

To watch 9Anime on Roku, you’ll need to use a mirroring app on your Android phone or tablet.

It’s important to remember that both devices must be on the same wireless network.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

Step 1

Press the home button and go to the settings.

Step 2

Select “System” in the settings.

Step 3

Select screen mirroring and select screen mirroring mode.

Step 4

Check always allow screen mirroring on Roku.

Watch 9Anime on Roku using Android

Step 1

Android phone and Roku must be connected to the same network.

Step 2

On your android, go to Settings then Connection and Sharing, and then click Cast.

Step 3

Now select your Roku device from the available devices list and allow the device to mirror the screen.

Step 4

Now launch the 9Anime on your Android phone and make a call. The same content will appear on your Roku TV screen also.

Watch 9Anime on Roku using Windows

Step 1

Windows and Roku devices must be connected to the same network.

Step 2

On your Windows PC or device visit the 9Anime website or if you have a 9Anime app, launch it. Make sure you are logged in to your 9Anime account.

Step 3

Now press Windows + P keys together and click Connect to a wireless display option.

Step 4

Select Roku from the list of available devices and your screen will be cast to your Roku TV screen.

Step 5

Now launch the content on 9Anime on your PC and enjoy it on a big screen.

It’s our sincere wish that this post has helped you enjoy 9Anime content on Roku. You must mirror your Android, iPhone, or PC/Laptop to your Roku in order to view 9Anime. Even still, feel free to post any questions you may have regarding 9Anime on Roku, including how to mirror devices. We’re here to help and advise you while you try to figure out what’s wrong. Please let us know if this guide helped you install and watch 9Anime on your Roku device by leaving a comment in the space below. It would be extremely helpful if you could respond.

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