How to Install and Activate RedBox on Roku

Redbox is a video-on-demand streaming service that delivers live TV channels, Movies, and TV Shows. Watching Live TV on Redbox is completely free and doesn’t even require a sign-in. For movies and TV shows, you need to rent movies and TV shows based on their pricing. It is available on practically all regularly used platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, etc. In this article, let’s explore how to add and activate Redbox on Roku.

Features of RedBox

Here are some of the best features offered by RedBox

  • The RedBox TV app provides access to more than a thousand different TV channels from all around the world.
  • There’s no need to join up or register to stream RedBox on any device. It’s completely free to watch online.
  • RedBox TV also supports Android, XML and other third-party players in addition to XYZ Player and Yes Player.
  • Create a favourite category for any channel so that you can access its content quickly and conveniently with just a few clicks.
  • You may watch videos on a wide range of genres, including kids, religion, sports, and science.

RedBox Subscription Plans

The cost of renting or purchasing movies and shows on this platform depends on their release date and ratings. You’ll have 30 days to view it after renting it. You have 48 hours to watch the rented movie after you start watching it. However, If you buy the content, you can watch it whenever you want.

  • Movie and TV show Rentals:  prices range from $1.99 to $20.
  • Movies and TV show Buyings: starts from $14.99.
  • Live TV: It is completely free.

Is RedBox Available on Roku?

Yes, RedBox is officially available on the Roku channel store. It is also compatible with other platforms like Android Phone/Tablet, Android Smart TV, Windows PC and Mac PC.

How can you Install RedBox on Roku?

RedBox on Roku

Follow the simple steps to install RedBox on Roku

Step 1

Set up your Roku device by plugging it into your TV and then pressing the Home button on your remote control.

Step 2

Select the Streaming Channels menu.

Step 3

Click Search Channels.

Step 4

Using the on-screen keyboard, type RedBox into the search field now.

Step 5

Choose the RedBox app from the list of suggestions that appear.

Step 6

To add the RedBox app, click Add channel.

Step 7

In the confirmation prompt, tap “Ok” when the procedure is complete.

Step 8

Now RedBox is installed on your Roku.

Easy Steps on How to Activate RedBox on Roku

After installing the RedBox, the next step is to activate RedBox on Roku to stream the content.

Step 1

Open the Redbox app you installed on your Roku and sign in with your account information.

Step 2

Take note of the activation code that appears on the screen.

Step 3

Go to on your PC or smartphone using a web browser.

Step 4

Enter your Redbox activation code and log in to your account. By doing this, you’ll be able to access all of your Redbox content on Roku.

RedBox Not Working Fix

Sometimes, RedBox causes problems while streaming content. It may also show an error stating “Sorry, but we could not authenticate your device and can’t continue”. 


These problems may arise because of heavy traffic on Redbox’s servers, or as a result of technical difficulties. Or it might be the reason that the app requires updates.


  • Update the RedBox app to the latest version.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the RedBox app on Roku.
  • If it does not resolve the issue, kindly report the issue.


Download the RedBox TV app if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite content. It can also be used as an alternative to streaming services that need a subscription, such as Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime. This article is a complete guide on how to install and activate RedBox on Roku. We hope this post helped you.

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