How to Install Exodus on Roku

With the Roku stick, you can cut your cable subscription in half. The fact that it’s a subscription-based service is a major drawback. Roku cannot be jailbroken, regardless of your best efforts. So, if you want to view new movies for free on Roku, you’ll have to download another app. Here, Kodi comes into play. Using third-party addons like exodus, Kodi offers a great deal of content for free. Installing Exodus on Roku enables you to access a wide range of content, including new releases in film and television. To download Exodus on Roku, you must first get Kodi installed on your Roku device. Once you’ve finished setting up Kodi on your Roku, you can proceed to setting up Exodus by following the instructions below.

Exodus on Roku

In terms of Exodus, it’s one of the most popular Kodi addons available for download. With it, you can stream all of your favourite films, TV episodes, and cable channels for free. This add-primary on’s feature is the ability to download videos you’re currently watching. You will be able to watch movies and tv shows on your TV as soon as we have installed exodus on Roku.

How to Install Exodus on Roku?

Exodus on Roku

As an Addon, the Exodus cannot be installed and used directly on Roku. On your Roku, you must first set up Kodi. Check to see if Kodi is up to date before continuing.

Step 1

Open Kodi on your device. This is what your home screen looks like. To access the settings menu, simply select the settings icon from the app drawer.

Step 2

On the following screen, click File Manager to access your files.

Step 3

In order to add a repository file, click on the Add source button.

Step 4

A dialogue box will appear on the following screen. Simply click on None twice to make it disappear.

Step 5

The path to the repository should be included here. Enter “” exactly as it appears in the address bar, without any spaces or other characters. Your path will not be included if you make a mistake, and this will lead to an error.

Step 6

Give the repository file a name you’d like it to have. I’ll refer to it as ‘kodistuff’ for the purposes of this example. You have complete freedom in deciding on a name.

Step 7

Press the ESC key to return to the home screen. Afterwards, go to Add-ons, which may be found on the screen’s left side.

Step 8

If you see a symbol that looks like an unzipper in the upper left corner of the screen, tap on it.

Step 9

The zip file you need to install will be downloaded when you click on Install from the Zip file.

Step 10

You’ll be presented with a window asking if you want to install an extension from an unidentified source. To enable it, go to settings and tap on the toggle switch.

Step 11

Activate the setting for Unknown sources (web browsers only). After that, hit Esc on your keyboard. You’ll be taken back to the previous page if you do this. Next, select Install from Zip File from the Install menu.

Step 12

Now, open the kodistuff file that I previously saved to your computer (Whatever name you gave in step 6).

Step 13

The repository you need to use is, so select it and then touch on ok.

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows on Exodus on Roku?

  1. As a result, we’ve shown how to set up a Roku to run exodus. Now click on Install from repository to get the repository with the Add-on installed.
  2. There are numerous add-ons for your system that you can choose from. Smash’s repository will open with a double-click.
  3. Go to the video addons section of the Smash repo. Video add-ons display a list of available add-ons for various types of videos when you open them. Click on it since we’re looking at the exodus.
  4. Roku users should install Exodus.
  5. As soon as you launch Exodus, you’ll see an installation button on your taskbar. All that is required is a single tap to begin the installation process.
  6. The add-on will be ready to use as soon as it is installed, and you will be notified when it is. Then hit the exodus button one more time. The open button is now visible at the bottom. It’ll open with a single tap.
  7. Then you can see your movies and TV series in folders such as My Movies, My TV Shows, where you may add your favourites. Let’s look at how to watch TV as an example. Select Shows from the drop-down menu.
  8. Categories including genres, network, language, certificates, people watching and most popular may be found here as well as other things like most popular and most recent. Any one of them can be selected by clicking on it. I chose to start with the most popular categories.
  9. Many popular English series may be found here, such as Game of Thrones, GLOW, Orange is the new black and many more. To begin streaming, simply choose one of them and click on it.
  10. It’s getting close to being over. To watch Exodus on Roku, simply screen mirror your device to the streaming device.

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That’s it! The Exodus Kodi Addon is now installed on your Roku via Kodi. The latest movies, series, documentaries, and live and on-demand content are now available for free streaming. You won’t need any other streaming apps after installing Exodus on Roku. Using a VPN to disguise your real location is always recommended when streaming video content for free.

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