How to Reset a Roku Remote?

Did your Roku remote stop working or has become frozen? Reset immediately to fix the problem. In this article, we will guide you on how to reset a Roku remote.

Roku is a streaming media player that transforms your regular television into a smarter one. It has been used as a substitute for cable television. By downloading apps from the Roku Channel Store, you may watch your favorite shows, live news, sports, movies, and much more. It comes with remote control, just like other streaming devices, that may or may not operate or respond. Most of the time, replacing the old batteries with new ones will solve the problem. If the Roku remote still doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, you should reset it immediately. It’s the only way to get rid of the Roku remote’s problems.

Steps to Reset a Roku Remote

Steps to Reset a Roku Remote

In this article, we are going to describe a method on how to reset a Roku remote to fix the issues related to the remote not working or freezing.

Step 1

Unplug the Roku device from the power supply.

Step 2

After that remove the batteries from the remote also.

Step 3

After a few moments, plug in the Roku device again and wait until the home screen of Roku appears.

Step 4

Reinsert the batteries into the remote.

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Step 5

There is a hard reset button present below the batteries place. Press and hold that button for a few seconds until the pairing light flashes.

Note: A pairing light is available on the front side of the remote. Some remotes have the pairing light on the backside.

Step 6

When the light flashes, the remote will be paired to your Roku.

In this article, we have described a procedural way to reset a Roku remote to fix the issues like remote not working or freezing. If the problem persists, you need to replace the batteries or the remote may be needed to be replaced. Still, if you have any questions in your mind tell us in the comments section. We appreciate your responses.

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