vh1.com Activate, Install and Watch Complete Guide

In this article, we are gonna show you how to install, activate and stream vh1 on your Roku devices with very simple steps.

What is VH1?

VH1 is owned by the ViacomCBS network, one of the largest cable networks in the US. It was originally launched as a music channel named Video Hits One. Later, they added movies and other video content which caught the eyes of more users. VH1 is one of the best channels provided by cable and satellite providers. In 2019, VH1 gained more than 100 million subscribers in the US.

Is VH1 available on Roku?

VH1 is supported by almost all operating systems like Android, iOS etc. VH1 is also available on the Roku channel store officially. In this article, we will help you install, activate and stream VH1 on your Roku through simple steps. So, stay tuned.

Features of VH1

  • Very easy to install and activate.
  • The user interface is very simple.
  • Content is categorized for easy access.
  • Movies are in full HD resolution of 1080p.
  • Free streaming with your cable or satellite provider.

How to Install VH1 on Roku?

How to Install VH1 on Roku

Step 1

Connect your Roku device to your TV via HDMI cable.

Step 2

Switch your TV on and select the HDMI port to launch the Roku device.

Step 3

Sign in with your Roku account.

Step 4

Go to the home screen of your Roku device. Now select the option Streaming Channels.

Step 5

The Roku store will open. Now select Search Channels

Step 6

Search VH1 by using the on-screen keyboard with the help of the Roku remote.

Step 7

Select the official VH1 app from the search results and on the next screen, click Add Channel.

Step 8

After that app will start to download and after installation, a message will appear saying VH1 is installed. Click ok.

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How to Activate VH1 on Roku?

After downloading and installing the app the next step is to activate the VH1.

Step 1

Now launch the app.

Step 2

Click on the Activate button.

Step 3

Now go to this website VH1 | Device Activation using the browser on your phone or a PC.

Step 4

Enter the code there you noted from the Roku. And click Continue.

Step 5

Now, enter your login credentials for VH1.

Step 6

Your VH1 is successfully activated, enjoy streaming.

That was all on how to install, activate and stream VH1 on Roku. We tried our best to help you out on how to install, activate and stream VH1 on Roku. Still, if you have a question in your mind, just type it in the comment section. We will provide you with complete guidance on your problems. And if you found this article helpful, also share your views in the comment section. It motivates us to help you more. Thanks.

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